We are a design and development studio

Every challenge is an opportunity to move your brand forward.

Building Five brings strategy, creative, and development together to deliver complete solutions.

Invention + Execution

We believe in the importance of the user experience so we create tools that work for the people who need them.

A health care professional educating a patient
A sales director sharing new product info with a sales team
A brand manager revitalizing an existing brand
A mobile workforce needing training and compliance testing
A CEO driving change management
An entrepreneur pitching to funders
A patient needing coaching and adherence
A commercialization director increasing customer loyalty and engagement

Every project is tailor-made because our team works directly with our clients to understand what their users need and where their organization wants to go.

Solutions don’t live in silos

We create high-touch, experiential marketing programs to help clients in the health and wellness, consumer goods, retail, and financial industries.

Our programs encompass multiple executions that may include:

  • web
  • mobile
  • global brand strategy
  • native applications
  • user experience design and development
  • e-learning solutions for training and compliance
  • rapid prototyping
  • post-launch branding, communications, and technology
  • branding & ID systems
  • user research
  • user journey
  • content marketing
  • consumer insights and future-casting
  • gamification
  • trade show and conference
  • performance marketing
  • customer engagement and loyalty

We developed proprietary platforms to advance our clients’ needs in specific areas.

Integrated Customer Strategies

A program to realize the true value of an engaged customer by lifting her out of channel silos and creating a holistic brand experience for her.

Learn more about Lift

Train. Present. Track.

A mobile app and web interface for training employees on new content, customizable, interactive e-detailing, and managing employees, leads, and content.

Learn more about Granola Live

Remote patient monitoring

A patient portal that collects and stores data so that it is more visible and actionable for families and health care professionals.

Learn more about @Home

In the spirit of great communication, we want you to know these things up front...

Partnership means we bring our expertise, you bring yours.
If this relationship is built on respect and trust, we will be wildly successful together.

Budget, scope, and deadlines are fundamentally intertwined.
Moving or changing any one of the three invariably affects the others.

Working with a small firm means a lean, nimble team of specialists at your service.
Our bench isn’t deep but it’s strong.

Big ideas require bravery.
This comes with learning from the past, acceptance of risk, embracing uncertainty, making decisions, taking action, and counting on others.

Are you particular?

We are always looking for creative people with high standards, folks who might refer to themselves as design snobs or copy geeks, strategy nerds or code junkies. Sound like you?

Don’t see the job description for you? Tell us how you fit into Building Five.

Open positions:


  • Are you a great developer and amazing person?
  • Want to join a small, young and growing team of thoughtful and naturally curious digitals?
  • Be a part of defining our product, dev process, and service offering.
  • Here's what we're looking for:
  • • Developers who care about the quality of their work, and that the applications they build are the right ones for their clients.
  • • Strong desire to do test driven development.
  • • A self-starter and accountable.
  • • Very good communication skills.
  • • Well-rounded web/mobile developer who can make his or her way around the full stack.
  • • Know at least one programming language very well and can pick up new languages quickly. Experience with Ruby and/or Objective-C are a nice plus.
  • • Experience participating in open source projects and showing code samples is a big plus.
  • • We want to see your code! Interviews are nice, but code is what really shows who you are as a developer. Send us your github, bitbucket or whatever alternative you use and marvel us with your craft.
  • • Don’t be intimidated. The best you can do is write us a nice email explaining why you want to work with us and why you think you’d be a good candidate.

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